Financial Aid Information 

All families are asked to attend at least one Scholarship Information Session each year. Sessions will be offered throughout the school year, typically one every other month, more often for new families. Many are surprised how much assistance is available. All families are asked to learn about the process so that you too can contribute to the scholarship funds for our school and take advantage of the tax benefits. All students benefit by this state sponsored program.


All tuition scholarship assistance for financial aid is obtained through the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship Program. At St. Augustine we work with several different organizations (STO’s) to help our families obtain as much scholarship assistance as they require. It is imperative that you understand how your student qualifies to receive a scholarship and which/all category of scholarships they are eligible for. If you don’t know yet, plan to attend one or more session until you understand. Individual sessions can also be arranged by contacting the Finance Department for an appointment.

Scholarships require annual applications. Please keep in mind that most financial aid scholarship organizations (STO’s) will require your 2016 tax information in order to process your 2017/18 application.  We strongly encourage you to prepare your tax returns as early as possible each year. 

Our primary source of financial assistance to our families is from CTSO (Catholic Tuition Support Organization) with financial aid evaluations performed by FAIR.  The online application process for FAIR is NOW open as of November 7, 2016.  NOTE: If you apply before your 2016 tax returns are finished, submit your 2015 tax return and your 2016 W-2's or latest pay stub for 2016 with your application. Then as soon as your 2016 Federal tax return is ready, send that in.

Paper FAIR applications will not be available at the school until the last week in January. But, you can apply online now. There is a $24 fee paid to FAIR for their processing costs.

To receive CTSO financial assistance, you MUST complete a FAIR application.

To access the FAIR application, click

To log in to apply you must first use this information: 

The User name is:  800
The Password is:  ctso800

If you have more than one student in an Arizona Catholic school, you only need to fill out ONE FAIR application for ALL students in the family. Just list each particular school they are attending. St. Augustine Catholic High School’s code is 805.

 For more information, contact the Finance Department at (520) 751-8300, Ext. 1009. 

 All FAIR applications received prior to February 1, 2017 can submit with their 2015 tax return. After February 1, you must include your 2016 tax return documents for completion. To be considered for Round 1 scholarships, you must have a completed FAIR application (with tax documents) prior to May 1, 2017. CTSO will make Round 1 award notifications by May 30, 2017. Apply early for the best chance of scholarship awards.


Note: If you miss the May 1 deadline, still apply, there will be a Round 2 in November 2017.

View or download for more details:

2017-18 AZ State Tax-Credit Tuition Scholarship Information 

2017-2018 Información de becas de cuota de matrícula con crédito fiscal del estado de Arizona.


Information on Scholarships and tips for eligibility

STO PowerPoint Presentation


        List of Other Tuition Assistance Organizations: 

Each organization has specific qualifications and deadlines. Please click on the scholarship information link above for more details.  For questions, contact or the Finance office at 520-751-8300 ex 1009 for more information about the programs. Once in the financial aid database, email reminders will be sent to notify of upcoming application dates.  

Arizona Tuition Connection (ATC)
Open May 1, can apply all year 
Phone: 480-409-4106

Institute for Better Education (IBE)
Open February 1, can apply all year
Phone: 520-512-5438 

Arizona Leadership Foundation (ALF)
Open with Geico open house in March, deadline is June 15 
Phone: 928-231-2122

Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT)
Open January 15---apply that day
Phone: 623-414-3429 

Arizona Tax Credit (AZTXCR)
Open March 1, can apply all year. 
Phone: 480-939-2151

Arizona Comuunity Foundation (ACF)
Open in February for neediest families (under Free/Reduced guidelines of income or special needs D/D qualifiers) 
Phone: 480-939-2151

For additional scholarship organizations and to see how you qualify, contact the Finance Department at

                                Special Scholarships:

If you currently have either of the scholarships below, you are NOT eligible to receive any other STO scholarship. Please contact the finance office at 520-751-8300 X 1009 for information and help determining if this is the best schoparship program for your student here at St. Augustine. Note: Neither scholarship will typically cover the full tuition charge. Please contact the finance department to discuss your options.  

AAA Scholarship Foundation 
Phone: 888-707-2465

ESA:  Empowerment Scholarship
An ESA Scholarship is not an STO.  


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