Student Ambassador Information

Thank you for considering volunteering to help us host our new students at this year's Academic Planning Sessions.  Information about the events is below.  You may download these instructions for printing by clicking on the icon below.  When you're ready to register to volunteer, click on the registration button.

Register to Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Please click on the link above to register to volunteer for these events. Contact if you have any issues or questions.

Session Dates

  • Tuesday, April 10
  • Wednesday, April 18
  • Monday, April 23
  • Thursday, May 3

Work Shifts

If you cannot work the entire shift, partial shifts are possible.  You may volunteer to work as many sessions and shifts as you want.  Summary descriptions of each work area are below.

  2:00 – 3:30 Set-up
  3:15 – 5:30 Event Support
Check-in/Check-out, Waiting Area, Pope Pix, or Clean-up.  Please arrive by 3:15 to have time to familiarize yourself with your area and responsibilities.


If you are comfortable speaking or translating Spanish, report that in your registration.

Changing Your Time or Shift

If you are unable to work your shift, please contact David Oboyski as soon as possible.  Event-support shifts are especially critical, and we will need time to arrange your replacement.

If you need to change the times or the areas for which you registered, please email

Who May Volunteer

Any Ambassadors of any grade level.


The Academic Planning Sessions take place in the cafeteria and in the breezeway and courtyard just outside it.

Dress Code

Please wear your school uniform.

Work Areas

Parent volunteers will supervise each area. Please follow their instructions.


  MAIN TASK: Escort students and families to the waiting area. Assist parent volunteers to process check-out paperwork and student admissions folders.
  Greet students and families. Help as asked or needed.
  Assist parent volunteers to process check-in paperwork and student admission folders.

Please see Check-in and Check-out Procedures for more detailed information.  

Waiting Area

  MAIN TASK: Escort students and families to and from the interview tables. Keep waiting area clean and organized.
  Answer questions for waiting students and families.

Please see Waiting Area Procedure for more detailed information.


  Remove navigation signs. Take down and pack check-in, waiting, and check-out areas.
  Pack and store all tablecloths, signs, supplies, and resources. Take admission-folder file boxes to Admissions Office.
  Sweep cafeteria. Store other boxes in cafeteria kitchen storage room (see Oboyski).  After the last session, take these boxes to the Admissions Office.
  Restore tables and chairs.  

Please see Clean-up Procedure for more detailed information.

Academic Planning Sessions

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