John Paul II Awards

Each year the Diocese of Tucson recognizes teenagers who are active in their faith.  Award winners can be selected either from their home parish or from their school.  The John Paul II Award is one of the highest levels of recognition the Diocese has for youth in our community.  Award winners are selected in three areas of Christian life:

Prayer and Worship
Catechesis and Evangelization
Community Service and Social Justice

St. Augustine Catholic High School is proud to honor students who actively live their faith in our community.  Nominated by members of the faculty and selected by a faculty committee, students selected for this prestigious award are honored at a Diocesan dinner, their names are recorded at the Diocese, and they are recognized at the annual Awards Assembly at St. Augustine.  Students selected to receive the John Paull II Award are leaders among the many students who actively live their faith among their peers at school. 

Past Honorees for the John Paul II Awards are:

Lauren Arnold   Community Service & Social Justice
Lauren Redman   Community Service & Social Justice
Justin Byko   Prayer & Worship
Carly Bradford   Community Service & Social Justice
Sandy Crusa   Community Service & Social Justice
Hope Tapia   Prayer & Worship
Alex Bachik   Catechesis & Evangelization
Sean Crockette   Prayer & Worship
Brittany Thompson   Community Service & Social Justice
Jessica Brink   Catechesis & Evangelization
Alana Brown   Prayer & Worship
Leah Harris   Community Service & Social Justice
Kaitlynn Williams   Catechesis & Evangelization
Nicolas Montanez   Prayer & Worship
Mariela Encinas   Community Service & Social Justice
Alana Erchull   Catechesis & Evangelization
Sean Farley   Prayer & Worship
Leah Harris   Community Service & Social Justice
David Elver   Catechesis & Evangelization
Fiona Sutton   Prayer & Worship
Miranda Jackson   Community Service & Social Justice 
Kiana Maria Montoya   Catechesis & Evangelization
Jesus Samuel Garcia       Prayer & Worship
Anna Masciola      Community Service & Social Justice
Josh Delfs   Catechesis & Evangelization
Maria Camille Esquerra   Prayer & Worship
Elizabeth Seader   Community Service & Social Justice
Jordanne Hare   Catechesis & Evangelization
Patricia Reynolds   Prayer and Worship
Jennifer Ely   Community Service & Social Justice


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